[Reportage] Kiniro Mosaic – S1

To welcome the second season of Kiniro Mosaic, I decide to quickly review a few last episodes of the first season in order that somebody has forgotten the storyline can be reminded so we could ready for the second season. And for the newcomer to Kiniro Mosaic, this review could be helpful review for you to decide to watch or not.

Kiniro Mosaic
Artist: Hara Yui

The beginning with the beautiful friendship.

The story sets in the visiting of young Japanese girl, Shino, to England in her vacation. Shino went as homestay visitor in a mother’s friend house. Soon, she had made a wonderful friend with the daughter of the homeowner where she was staying. Thoroughly wonderful memories with Shino of Alice pass. Now, Alice is going to pay a visit to Japan in order to stay by Shino, a friend that inspire to Alice the Japanese culture love.

Alice soon meets the other Shino friends, Yoko, and Aya, after she enrolls in Shino’s schools. But Alice is not the only British coming to Japan, Karen also flies to Japan after knowing Alice had on the way to her lover house. And the story moves on.

[From left to right]
Aya – Alice – Karen – Shinobu – Yoko

Our girls are moe ♥

The characters design may not splendid, but they are definitely moe, utmost cute, I mean. The anime has two typical moes name tsundere moe, which belong to Aya, and tiny moe of Alice. Beside the moe-ess team, Yoko gentle and the energetic Karen would make an awesome tomboy team too. But the most yuri-ish award must be belong to Shinobu with the hentai trait, the crazy kiniro lover.

This is the slice of life. Got it!

The storyline strongly elaborates the relationship with each of characters, it is truly slice of life. So don’t expect something supernatural or fighting scene, it’s really rare. But I say it rarely that doesn’t mean Kiniro Mosaic won’t have the fighting scene. It does have one at the end of season 1, and I must say it is fantastic in the literal way. They have played a wonderful ending with a fantasy dramatic story, which is told by Shinobu.

Who need fighting scene when we got this?

And yuri-ish is the most important part that I never dare to forget. This anime is serious yuri, and I don’t think it is subtext anymore. Wonderful yuri is real, I can prove it. The Alice’s jealousy, the tsundere Aya or the final episode which already make a great ship for Aya x Yoko. ‘Love in the air’ may be the best phrase to describe what is the Kiniro Mosaic all about. I mean, no matter how close friend you are, you have no reason to jealous when your friend has more friend right? And Aya may shy as much as she wants but why she almost only share the shyness before Yoko? That I haven’t talked about the day Yoko got a mystery letter, Aya was so jealous that she don’t mind a bit to express how annoyed she has in front of Yoko, she even try to read it. Excuse me, that is Yoko’s letter why would she have to mind about it. Aya’s just jealous as a girlfriend, why won’t she confess already? “Because the script isn’t allowed me to do that” – I think Aya would say it if she is not a tsundere.

This is the one of animes that make me happier more confuse about the ‘tomodachi‘ meaning. Seriously, I’m totally beaten by that query. And look at the below picture and tell me, do you really think it’s normal for the non-yuri show? I’m quite sure it is yuri show.

[…] Karasumi: Shinobu, do you take Alice to be your classmate? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life?
Shino: Yes, I do!
Karasumi: Now you may hug your classmate ♥

But do you know what. The success of Kiniro Mosaic is not about the yuri side. Well, it does, but what make the Kiniro Mosaic become so wonderful is the meaningful behind the story. In the last episode, Alice said: ‘The sky connects all of us. Not even national borders can separate us!’. From that moment, Alice quote has shown us the main content of the first season, and I believe that has a lot of mean to us, right? We may have lots different things like nationality, the look, ideology etc. But we are all connected by the internet, by the same hobby. Do you feel touched when you found out the meaning behind this anime? Somehow, I feel like there is nothing could be stronger than the significant story. I guess, ‘The sky connects all of us’ is really connecting all of its fans, huh.

the reason to make next season is…

It’s difficult to tell about that. However, I believe the answer would be in one word ‘PROFIT’. For the first release of season 1, Kiniro Mosaic gain quite amazing number of profit. It is about 4.7k at 26-Aug[1], at the time anime didn’t finish on-air yet. Isn’t it the best motive that it could be? The staff even sets an Easter egg in the final show.

See the teacher stands by Karasumi-sensei? In the middle of the picture?
She is the new character that we saw in the trailer of Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

But I don’t think the quality of the next season would be dropped. Because the anime is adapted from the manga, which is support to based on the main storyline and small plot. So I’m pretty sure that Kiniro Mosaic can still keep their high quality like they have done. Besides, who would be crazy enough to destroy their success, right?

My last word.

For the newcomer, I do strongly recommend you watch the season 1. 99% that you would enjoy it, and if you don’t enjoy it. I think you must fall in love with it already. Sunshine, funny, happy, warmth and the first of all is yuri-ish. This is the wonderful place that yuri are free to bloom, so I believe anyone has watched the first season should prepare for the next season. I have smelled more and more yuri-ish, this time I feel like more yuri ships are appeared than ever. So: Hello♥~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Nice to meet you.

[1]: Reference MyAnimeList forum.

[Reportage] Kiniro Mosaic – S1

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