[Quick Review] Koufuku Graffiti 12

Every beginning must be ended, so the anime is. It’s time for us to say goodbye Koufuku Graffiti after 12 episodes. With the pleasure feeling, let me tell you how do I think about the last episode of this series.

I’m telling you, I’m not going to cry! ほんとにですね!

 Just like other animes have the same genre slice of life, we will meet again every character in the series as a say goodbye to viewer, Koufuku Graffiti is the same. We are not only meet ‘old friends’ but also the anime return fantastic scene for us, erotic eating style, sexual harassment in level incest and the wonderful yuri subtext.

It is just a hug, just a hug…

The end story still keeps going with the gentle style and strong yuri subtext. That’s right, yuri subtext is so strong and fantastic this time. On the other hand, the plot is pretty emotional and logical. Due to Ryou’s graduation, she recalls her first day come to middle school with grandma. And the feeling for her grandma even stronger when she was rewarded with an apron from aunt Akira. Along with feeling are memories of her experience from eating alone before Kirin come to her life. The story concludes with the scene 「これから宜しくお願いします。」 in the most formal way it could be. Just like the line you will say after you bring your waifu to home…

So wonderful isn’t it? And huge yuri subtext ending that I have never expected from this series. However, with this storyline and profit come back to the staff, I really doubt that we could have the second season. Well, we can still continue with the manga 4-koma by the original author, KAWAI Makoto.

The bonus before saying goodbye to this anime series:

You know… good children do not fart at a public place ♥
[Quick Review] Koufuku Graffiti 12

2 thoughts on “[Quick Review] Koufuku Graffiti 12

    1. I’m afraid that if this story goes any further, they could sleep in the same futon, brush teeth with the same toothbrush, they may even share the same air by their own mouth. That is the thing we like, but some other don’t like buddy – LOL


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